Mrs. Joy

How do you like my feed sack bag? I’m getting good at this selfie thing!

It’s me — Mrs. Joy!  What do you need to know about me?  Well here are a few things I like to tell people about myself:

  • I love to bake!
  • I’m married to the best sweetie in the whole universe.  He’s my rock and keeps me sane most of the time.  Yeah… he’s pretty awesome (and handsome too!)
  • I love to bake!
  • I have 3 children that I love dearly and 2 grandchildren that I love even more!  One  calls me baNana… gotta love that!
  • I am an award winning artist, an award winning graphic designer, and an award winning photographer.   I use all of my talents and abilities to produce the highest quality Treats that not only taste amazing, they look equally amazing.  All pics on this site are from me and my kitchen (unless I post a pic from a customer and it will be credited).
  • I play dodge ball and I’m really, really good at it!
  • I love to bake!
  • I love to design and make quilts.  Quilting relaxes me in a way nothing else can.
  • I never, NEVER, EVER, EVER, NEVER give up!
  • Did I mention I love to bake?
  • Oh yeah!  I’m the 2015 Christmas Cookie Challenge Champion.  What’s that?  Well it was a tv show challenge that aired on a really popular network (that I’m not allowed to mention here).

Mrs. Joy’s Absolutely Fabulous Treats became a reality because of a project in one of my graphic design classes.  We were headed into the summer break and I knew I had a project coming the next semester where we had to brand a product line for a make believe or real company.  I knew I’d be more passionate about the project if it was real AND my son needed a summer job.  So I started Mrs. Joy’s Absolutely Fabulous Treats to fulfill both needs.

I started with just shortbread and slowly started adding items to the product line.  My goal was (and still is) to make sure that everything is made with the finest, highest quality and freshest ingredients.  Before it gets called a Treat it must taste as good as it looks.  I want to see the look of joy spread across a Treat Seeker’s face when they taste an Absolutely Fabulous Treat!  It brings me Joy!