Absolutely Fabulous Cakes

An absolutely, fabulous cake can make any occasion… well… ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!  The cake not only has to look amazing (you eat with your eyes first) is has to taste as good as it looks–better even!

We use the highest quality ingredients and recipes that have been tried, tested, and loved over the years.  We have a wide variety of flavors of cake and frostings.  We use American buttercream when requested (lots and lots of powdered sugar, butter, and cream cheese), but most of the time we use an Italian meringue buttercream (a little granulated sugar, egg whites, and lots and lots of butter).

Cake prices are based on the type of cake, the number of servings, and the complexity of the cake.  In addition, prices are based on my talents, my abilities as an artist and a baker, and years of experience as well as your special needs; however, here is a guideline for you to use when deciding on what type of cake will best suit your needs. Please also consider that we do not include licensed characters in our cake designs.

  • Tiered Wedding Cakes
    Start at $4.50 per serving. Flowers, figures, elaborate details are priced individually.
  • Simple Stacked  Cakes (starting at $4.50/serving for simple/minimal decoration. Fondant covered with ribbon) – Additional details cost extra.
    Small Cake (serves 15): $67.50
    Medium Cake (serves 25): $112.50
    Large Cake (serves 50): $225
    Extra Large (serves 100): $450
  • Medium Detail Stacked Cakes (starting at $6/serving for some piping, additional decoration, applique etc. Anniversary, baby shower, birthday cakes etc.) – Additional details cost extra. 
    Small Cake (serves 15): $90
    Medium Cake (serves 25): $150
    Large Cake (serves 50): $300
    Extra Large (serves 100): $600
  • Very Detailed Stacked Cakes (starting at $8/serving for elaborate piping, decoration, etc. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, special occasion) – Additional details cost extra.
    Small Cake (serves 15): $120
    Medium Cake (serves 25): $200
    Large Cake (serves 50): $400
    Extra Large (serves 100): $800
  • 3D Sculpted Cakes (starting at $10/serving for shaped cakes. Cakes with support structures/moving parts may be extra.
    Small Cake (serves 15): $150
    Medium Cake 
    (serves 25): $250
    Large Cake 
    (serves 50): $500
    Extra Large
     (serves 100): $1000

We also do just the cake toppers if that’s all you need:

  • Simple fondant toppers: $5-$20 each
  • Elaborate artisan toppers or sitting figures: $25- $65 each
  • Very customized larger toppers or standing figures: $80 – $200

Questions?  Contact Mrs. Joy at missusjoy@gmail.com for more information.  Just remember, a lot of my time goes into crafting your special cake.  My time is very valuable to me and I must be adequately compensated for it.