Absolutely Fabulous Cakes

An absolutely, fabulous cake can make any occasion… well… ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!  The cake not only has to look amazing (you eat with your eyes first) is has to taste as good as it looks–better even!


We use the highest quality ingredients and recipes that have been tried, tested, and loved over the years.  We have a wide variety of flavors of cake and frostings.  We use American buttercream which is not quite as sweet as most.

All cakes are $5 per serving (well… nearly all).  Premium frosting (Italian or Swiss Meringue Buttercream), fillings, and toppings are extra and the cost is dependent upon the number of servings in the cake.  We do not use fondant in our shop.

Questions?  Contact Mrs. Joy at missusjoy@gmail.com for more information.