Absolutely Fabulous Caramels, Truffles, Hard Candies and Cotton Candy

Our caramels are made from the freshest, high quality ingredients.  A wide variety of add-ins are available to customize this gourmet Treat to your liking.  Contact Mrs. Joy to create your own custom caramels.

Caramels are made to order and are only shipped during the cooler months.  They are available year round at the Lynchburg Community Market at Mrs. Joy’s booth.

Caramels range in price depending upon the add-ins and flavors.  A 4 oz. bag starts at $7 depending on the add-ins and whether the caramels are chocolate coated or not.  Just email me for YOUR pricing.  Minimum mail order is 3 (three) 4oz bags.

Mrs. Joy makes delicious hard candy’s as well. The flavor possibilities are endless and the colors can match your party/event themes.

If you are Treat-seeking for chocolates not only can most of our caramels, marshmallows, cookies, and cake pops be dipped in chocolate, but we can mold special truffles for your party/event.

We also make cotton candy on demand.  Stop by any time and let us make magical cotton candy right before your eyes!  We can customize the cotton candy flavors and colors for your special events as well.  Contact Mrs. Joy for a custom quote.