Gee, Mrs. Joy!!! Why are your Treats so pricey?

Gee Mrs. Joy!  Why are your Treats so pricey?

Well, partly because we don’t have the buying power of big box stores so our ingredients cost quite a bit more for us to purchase than a place like WalMart.  That’s okay right now because we produce in small batch scale. We plan to keep it that way.

We use the highest quality ingredients to produce our Treats. We use real cream and real butter in quite a bit of our Treats and it costs a real lot at the moment.  Butter is at the highest price it’s been in years and there are no signs that the price of butter is going down any time soon.
Superman cake
Hours and hours of work go into custom orders.  For a fondant cake first I have to make the fondant from scratch and let it develop overnight.  Then I make the cake batter and bake the layers.  Then I cool the layers and freeze them for a short period (I do this to make them easier to work with — a few hours at most).  Then I have to make the frosting.  Lots of butter goes into that!  Then I frost and chill and frost and chill and frost and chill.  In some cases I would begin sculpting before the frosting but let’s keep this simple… just tiered.  After the final chill the fondant can go on the tiers but first I have to knead it to condition it.  Then I have to roll it out (and at this point though I want to take a break or better yet a nap but I gotta get the cake done) and make sure that I get it perfectly on the cake.  Trim, trim, trim!  Repeat for the next tier.  Repeat again if needed.  Then the decorations and the colorings and maybe a fondant figure or two or eight!  All in all there are about 14+ hours invested in that one cake.Fall pumpkins with bittersweet.

Let’s talk cookie for a moment.  I make the dough for the cookies (and you don’t even wanna know how much butter goes into those!!!!).  I break a batch down into 3 sections, roll each between parchment paper to the perfect thick cookie (I could go thinner but I like a thick, soft cookie) and chill the dough.  Once chilled I cut out the shapes with either a cookie cutter or with a sharp knife if I don’t have the cutter needed.  I then chill the dough again.  I bake the cookies and let cool and while it cools I make the icing.  It can take about an hour and a half to make the icing and color all of the individual bags of icing for any given cookie design.  Then I go to work on making the cookies miniature works of art.  Some intricate designs can take up to 10+ hours to complete (not including making and baking) because each section has to dry before the next section can be done.  Some cookies have 3 or 4 sections or more.  Drying time varies based on the weather… I KNOW RIGHT!!!  Then I bag and heat seal each cookie and package it for delivery.

There is a lot of hard work, prayer, talent, expertise, time, and love that goes into each one of Mrs. Joy’s Absolutely Fabulous Treats.  They are worth every coin… and then some!  While we would love to serve everyone in the world, we realize that our Treats are not for everyone.  Our Treat Seekers are very special and we value everyone of them because they value us.