About Us

How it all started

My name is actually Tarsha Joyner. I started Mrs. Joy’s Absolutely Fabulous Treats back in 2012 when I was a graphic design student at Lynchburg College (now the University of Lynchburg). I actually created the business before I learned how to bake. I KNOW RIGHT!!

The assignment was to brand a product line start to finish. I felt I’d be more passionate about it if it were a real business. Add to that my son was looking for his first summer job. I killed two birds with one stone (not literally–I actually like birds) and set up a booth at the Lynchburg Community Market to test out product packaging and logos and to give him his first summer job.

I learned how to bake using google and YouTube. When you have a computer or a smart device at your disposal, you can learn to do anything! It worked out rather well until my son got tired of me being a perfectionist and he went to work for KFC. Go figure! I kept the business going because I was able to purchase camera equipment, pay bills, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!! I love science and math and both are extremely important when it comes to baking. I’m also a creative. That’s where the “eat with your eyes first” part comes in. I love making my food as beautiful as it tastes.

How did we go from the market to a brick and mortar? When the home-based baking business started taking over our home, I decided that I should maybe look for a storefront to move into. I went and talked with the gentleman over at SCORE. They helped me weigh my options. Sales were to a point that it made sense so I took the plunge. It hasn’t always been easy but it is totally worth it. I love what I do. I wouldn’t want to spend my days doing anything else… ‘cept maybe taking a nap.

Oh yeah! Mrs. Joy comes from my bowling ball actually. You can only get 6 letters on the ball and Mrs. Joy sounded infinitely better than Tar Joy. I mean what do you think?

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