The last of the custom Christmas cookies for 2014…
Brrrrrrr! It's cold outside!

The last of the custom Christmas cookies for 2014…

It was fun but now it’s time to move on to the next big cookie thing.  There were snowmen (lots and lots and lots of snowmen) and gingerbread men (lots and lots and lots of gingerbread men) and Christmas tree ornaments, and candy canes (lots and… oh you get the point) and snowflakes and penguins and polar bears… well… just take a look at a few of the ones I had time to take pictures of.  EnJOY and MERRY CHRISTMAS!




I am a wife, a mother, a baNana, a Latter-day Saint, an artist, a graphic designer, a quilter, a dodgeballer, a candy maker, a baker, and an all-around cool person. Hope I get to meet you sometime! We could be friends! As owner of Mrs. Joy's Absolutely Fabulous Treats my goal is to spread joy by providing delicious treats from the freshest, highest quality ingredients. Treat yourself & spread the JOY!

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