Victorian Armchair Sugar Cookie? Well why not!?

Blue floral with green stripes chair

Victorian armchairs

Too cute to eat?  I think not!

I’m not one to buy a whole bunch of unnecessary cookie cutters… OH WHO AM I KIDDING!?  OF COURSE I AM!!!  Now that we can all agree that I am a cookie cutter addict, let me show you what my latest and greatest (and what may well possibly be my favorite until the next latest and greatest shows up) cookie cutter can do.

I saw someone else in one of my Facebook cookie groups post a pic of the armchair cookie they’d produced with the same cutter and I was blown away.  Had to have it!!!  I mean it’s an ARMCHAIR COOKIE for cookie’s sake!  I ordered it on the spot. Really!  Like I saw the cookie and 2 minutes later the cutter was ordered.  I didn’t even bother to ask her where she’d gotten it… or maybe I did… I don’t know… it was all such a blurr!  Whatever happened, I now have that absolutely FABULOUS cookie cutter in my clutches and I can now work all sorts of magic with it.  Check these out! Order here.