Zebra Themed Baby Shower Cake

Zebra print baby shower cake

Zebra print baby shower cake

Had a busy weekend at the market and in the kitchen!  We sold out of almost everything!  My hubby was on his own, poor thing, because I had to go home and make this adorable little zebra print baby shower cake.

The cake was vanilla chocolate marble, the frosting was strawberry buttercream,  and the fondant was made fresh that morning (getting super good at making that stuff quickly!).  My favorite part of the entire cake was the zebra print hat on the baby!  I was smiling the whole time I was working on it.  I actually had a hard time parting with the cake when it was time to say goodbye!

I asked how the cake was at the party and the client responded…

“Amazing!  Everyone raved…  It was the hit of the party!”  Thankfully they saved the baby!  Those things will last forever!